Cowhide Rugs

Appaloosa Cowhide Rugs, prime cowhide rugs handcrafted by leather experts. Find the largest assortment of cowhide rugs carefully selected and curated for your home. We are proud to produce all our products with the most ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly methods while putting all our love, passion and generations of experience on every cowhide.

Cowhide Rugs for sale

¡Let our luxury cowhides bring a posh, warming and elegant touch to your home!

Take Care of Your

A cowhide rug is a natural product, although very durable, periodic cleaning and proper stain removal are key to extend the life span of your cowhide rug.

Cowhide Rugs

As a natural product, Cowhide rugs come in different sizes and shapes. From large 8 feet cowhides to small 4 feet calf hides. Choose the right size for your area.

Experts in COWHIDE RUGS for Over 2 decades

The art of cowhides and leather production is our heritage. For over 2 years, we have mastered ta sustainable process for producing the best cowhide rugs from Colombia and have exported them to over 10 countries around the world.

Eco-friendly Cowhide Rugs production

Cowhide rugs are a byproduct of the meat industry worldwide. By investing in water-treatment technology and applying the best practices in the production process, we are producing cowhide rugs in a responsible and sustainable manner.



On a very rare cases, you are not fully satisfied with the cowhide rug received. We offer 15 days, no questions asked warranty. So, order your cowhide rug with confidence, we are sure you will love it!

Questions about a Cowhide Rugs?

All our cowhides are real and we strive for offering the best quality possible. There is nothing wrong with faux cowhide (well, they are made out of polyester), but a real cowhide rug will bring that cozy and luxury touch that a fake cowhide will never offer.

–          It used to be an animal skin, so yes, they are very durable. A real cowhide rug will hold up constant traffic, spills, pets. With proper and constant care, they will last for years and even a decade.

–          We offer cowhide rugs in different size, from small calf hides (4 feet long) up to extra large cowhide rugs that can go up to 8.5 feet long by 7 feet wide.

–          Natural cowhide rugs come in different colors. With brown, white, and black mix (we call it tricolor), the popular black & white cowhide rug and the rare brindles. We also offer color dyed cowhide rugs in many colors for you to choose from.

Every cowhide rug is unique, this means that there is no other that will look exactly to another one. Due to its nature, cowhides have a natural color patter that you can compare to a fingerprint. They might look similar, but never be the same. That is unique!

Not at all. Who doesn’t love the smell of leather? Cowhides smell similarly but with some time they tend to be odorless.

Yes, we offer a 15 days warranty on every cowhide rug. Check our {link:Retur&Exchange} section for more details.

Do you still have questions before purchasing your cowhide rug? We are here to help…