Croco Collection

Welcome to our newest embossed leather collection: The Croco Collection.
Driven from our love for natural beauty, this collection is inspired by the
sublime virtue of crocodiles and was thoughtfully curated to bring the most
luxurious touch to home décor. Designed and hand-painted with details that
embrace the most authentic impression of a crocodile, our Croco Embossed
Leather will instantly allow you to experience the beauty of exotic skins all guilt
free within a cowhide. All the leather in this collection is suitable for leather
goods manufacture and upholstery.

  • Croco Black

  • Croco Canela

  • Croco Metal Choco Bronze

  • Croco Metal Gray Silver

  • Croco Metal Plata

  • Croco Oil Mustang

Reflect your style with one of a kind leather pieces

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