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Essential Cowhide Care Tips


care guide
care guide
care guide

for leather lovers

A Simple Guide to Cleaning your Cowhide Rugs

Like people, natural products need to be taken care of in order to stay in good shape over time. The good news is, we’ve taken care of the hard work and made sure that the cleaning process is easy for you ensuring that your product lasts a lifetime.








Lay your cowhide rug flat on the ground:

Your rug has traveled a long way and may display natural foldings from its packaging process. These marks are completely expected and will stretch out once the rug returns to a flat position.

Get a polished look

The secret is out: we recommend using a hard brush on your rug every now and then to make sure that its hair stays in its original, polished state while also maintaining a soft feel.

I stained my rug, now what do I do?

Don’t worry! We’ve all been there: a few drops of red wine, juice spills or even food stains on the rug – it happens to the best of us. To remove any stains, use a damp cloth* or even a sponge with mild, liquid soap and clean it evenly across. This should do the trick! *If your rug gets extremely wet, just make sure it dries out as soon as possible. You can even use a dehumidifier or a fan for a faster dry.

Beware of direct sunlight:

Your rug is not the sun’s best friend. Direct sunlight can potentially make printed hides prints to fade, so we recommend taking this into consideration before deciding where to place your rug. This should be no problem for our natural cowhide and dyed collections.

One final secret from our experts:

If you move or rotate your rug every now and then, you’ll have an evenly wear across your rug!

Taking care of your rug is an everyday affair!

But don’t sweat it, you can easily include it in your daily cleaning routine by vacuuming it on low/medium power or by simply giving it a vigorous shake to dust it off. Remember to take the spinning head attachment off if you use a vacuum!

How to avoid cleaning catastrophes:

There are only 3 big no’s in the cleaning department: no washing machines, no dry cleaners, and no harsh cleaning products. Remember, your cowhide rug is already stain and water resistant by nature!

Should I get antislip guards for my rug?

Not necessarily! Your rug has natural, antislip properties but if you do find yourself unexpectedly moving your rug when stepping on it, we recommend adding any regular carpet/rug antislip guard.

How to store your rug:

Store your rug in 2 easy steps: fold it or roll it and find a dry, cool storage place. Remember, because leather is a natural product, it needs to breathe so please avoid any plastic seals or humid areas.



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